Gorgeous Artwork Included with New Shovel Knight Definitive Soundtrack

Yacht Club‘s hit title Shovel Knight has a Definitive Edition soundtrack coming soon. For fans of this adorable game, the Definitive Edition will also include custom art by illustrator Hitoshi Ariga, and the soundtrack will be released on vinyl and CD by Brave Wave Productions. Take a look at this stunning artwork below to see exactly how beautiful this art is:

shovel knight soundtrack art

Hitoshi Ariga has made a name for himself producing custom art for Mega Man and Pokemon. As always, his Shovel Knight artwork is just as beautiful and captures the essence of this title with vivid imagery and eye-catching colors. Aside from the amazing artwork seen above, the Definitive Edition Soundtrack will also include commentary from the composers, Jake Kaufman and Manami Matsumae.

The soundtrack is available for order on both Brave Wave  and Big Wax. Brave Wave is offering up the 2- disc CD version, while fans of vinyl have the opportunity to order their copy to add to their growing vinyl collection. If you’re really looking to add to your vinyl collection, check out The Last Guardian Vinyl Soundtrack 2xLP, including art by Nimit Malavia.

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So what do you think? Do you like the new custom art for Shovel Knight? Are you planning on pre-ordering the soundtrack on CD or vinyl? Let us know in the comments below which version you’ll be picking up!


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