Game Companies Issue Response to SAG-AFTRA Negotiations on New Website

By now you’ve probably heard at least something about the SAG-AFTRA strike that began October 21st, with a picket line in front of EA on October 24th.  Famous actors like Jennifer Hale and Steven Blum have weighed in and expressed their thoughts and told their side of the story in the past few weeks. But few have heard any response from the game companies.


In answer to the strike, EA, Activision, Disney, and several other companies launched a website detailing the negotiations and what the companies were willing to agree upon.


On the website the companies stress that the strike did not need to happen, stating that the union never communicated to its members what the companies had to offer on the 19th.


Among those offers are a 9% wage increase, which they state is an improvement over the 3% per year increase the Union requested. The companies had also put a proposal for additional compensation for actors who work for more than one session on a game. They claim the differences in this proposal compared to those in the Union request are so minimal that members probably wouldn’t strike over them.


The companies have left their proposal, which also includes some agreements to transparency and safety the actors were requesting as well, on the table until December 1st, 2016. Their aim is to give the voice acting community time to evaluate the proposal for themselves and call for a vote.

The website includes a more detailed list of information, including a side by side comparison of what they offered, versus what the union wanted. This, they say, demonstrates that many of the points are similar if not identical.


The negotiations began after a 21 year old contract came up for renewal and the voice actors saw an opportunity to change their contract to meet with the tremendous changes in the industry since gaming started. No response from SAG-AFTRA has surfaced yet.

With this new information, it is difficult to determine which side is in the right. One thing is certain, however, the industry has changed, and the contract should change too. What those changes should be, and how to implement them seem to be more difficult to define.

Stick with Don’t Feed The Gamers as we continue to bring you the latest news on the SAG-AFTRA strike. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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