Nintendo Released New Images of Fire Emblem Warriors for the Switch (GALLERY)

Some brand new images of Fire Emblem Warriors were released by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo on the title’s Japanese website. The new photos of the Dynasty Warriors type spin-off for the Nintendo Switch show a few of the playable characters who originally came from the first 3DS title in the series: Fire Emblem Awakening.

In the latest trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors, Robin, Lissa, Frederick, and Lucina are lost in the forest when they happen to run into the original protagonists of Fire Emblem Warriors, the twins Lianna and Rowan. In these freshly released photos, fans of the series get to see some more of the heroes from the trailer as well as some kind of idea of their distinct play styles. For example, Lissa was primarily a healer in Awakening, but in these images below she is holding an axe. Check out the new screenshots below:

According to Koei Tecmo, this particular Warriors collaboration will have a larger selection of playable characters than any of the others they have made since Fire Emblem Warriors will include characters from Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon. Fans will have a chance to see some of their favorites from past games including Chrom (Awakening), Marth (Shadow Dragon), Ryoma (Fates), Xander (Fates), and Corrin (Fates), as well as brand new characters that were made specifically for this game.

Fire Emblem Warriors is set for release in the Fall of this year on the Switch and the new 3DS. What do you think of the new images from Nintendo and Koei Tecmo? Are you personally excited for Fire Emblem Warriors on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know what you think in the comment section below, then head to the Don’t Feed the Gamers Twitter page to stay updated on all the hottest gaming and entertainment news 24/7, with just a click of that follow button.

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