Ex-GTA 5 Boss Reveals New Project – “Ambitious and Different” Than GTA

ex-GTA 5 boss

The first game from the former president of Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies, has been announced. In a recent email Q&A with VentureBeat, the ex-GTA 5 boss revealed some details about what he is currently working on. Benzies, who is in the midst of a financial dispute with Rockstar and its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has started a new unnamed studio, and is working on the first project with Matthew Smith and Colin Entwistle. It is called Everywhere.

The ambitious sounding title, like the name suggests, is an open world game that allows players to do nearly anything they want, and go just about anywhere they want. One might even go as far as saying… everywhere they want. The ex-GTA 5 boss says they are using Amazon’s Lumberyard engine and that “Everywhere will run on consoles and PC. And you’ll be able to engage with the game through other means, too.” What could that possibly mean? Sounds like super secret stuff to us. According to him, Everywhere is “…ambitious and different from anything I’ve worked on before.” He also had this to say about the game:

Everywhere has a lot of traditional game mechanics but we’re going for something more that draws inspiration from, well, everywhere. Players are getting smarter and require more from their games, and we want players to have the real freedom to live in our worlds in the ways they want to. We’re aiming to offer a huge variety of game modes and styles that not only tell our stories but also enable players to live in the identities and adventures they most want to explore.”

The studio, which has yet to be named, sure sounds like it has quite the ambitious project to work on. They have offices in Edinburgh, Los Angeles, and a third location being announced soon. With a current staff of 30, they are “actively hiring,” according to the ex-GTA 5 boss. Benzies’ partner, Matthew Smith, also had a few things to say in the Q&A. One thing that really stood out was, after being asked how what they feel about the current gaming industry influences their game, Smith had this to say:

It emphasizes the need for flexibility and adaptability. We have a ten-year plan for Everywhere, but things change so fast there’s no point pretending you know exactly what you need to be making in six months even. So we’re building a game that can adapt and morph as its players and the world around them change.”

Sounds insanely ambitious, right? Maybe this is the dawn of a new era of video games. Only time will tell, but until then, we’ll try to contain ourselves. We are certainly excited to see what comes of Everywhere, and wish Leslie, Matthew, and the rest of the team all the luck!

Are you excited for Everywhere? Do you believe the ex-GTA 5 boss has something good on his hands or is it too early to tell? Well, what are you waiting for? Tell us in the comments section below! While you are down there, let us know what you think about this. Season two of Stranger Things is gaining momentum with more details being released. To stay up to date on the latest and greatest in gaming news, be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter!

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