WATCH: Dragon Ball FighterZ Launch Trailer Features Android 21 Transformation

FighterZ Launch Trailer

The imminent release of Dragon Ball FighterZ is nearly upon us and fans of the fighting genre are predictably excited to see the anime-styled game hit the shelves in just a few days time. The past few months have seen the game’s original roster grow to include a well rounded collection of 21 separate fighters, even more when counting various alternate forms. To celebrate the approaching launch, a Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer has appeared online, showcasing the numerous characters and accolades received since its initial debut last year.

Action heavy footage featuring the entire FighterZ roster is enough to get any fan pumped for the final product, but the a new hype magnet arrives in the form of Android 21 as she transforms into her newly discovered Majin form. If that wasn’t enough, the trailer’s final moments depict the villainess harness her dark red ki energy to unleash a devastating attack that seemingly few life bars could survive. Check out the Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer below.

With the game’s final open beta over and done with, Dragon Ball FighterZ now has only a few days before the official launch. The recent addition of Majin Android 21 will see her join the ranks of Beerus, Hit, and Goku Black in the roster, with many more expected as future DLC. The battle begins when Dragon Ball FighterZ releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on January 26.

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