Dr Disrespect Banned From E3 And Twitch Following First IRL Stream

Dr Disrespect

The big week of E3 2019 is beginning to wind down with the last day of the event. After several days of exciting announcements and meme-worthy moments, another E3 is about to be one for the books. Thanks to streaming platforms, those not physically at the event have been able to experience the fullness of the big presentations and the show floor itself. However, one livestreamer’s coverage ended up running afoul of those in charge of the event. Dr Disrespect has now been banned from E3 and Twitch thanks to his first IRL livestream captured at the big event.

As reported on Kotaku, Dr Disrespect has had his Twitch page banned and his E3 badge revoked because of his E3 livestream. The massively popular livestreamer began broadcasting from the E3 show floor, and eventually made his way to one of the convention center’s bathrooms. Either unbeknownst to Dr Disrespect or irrelevant to his plans for the day, video recording of any type in a public restroom is illegal in the state of California. Thus, Dr Disrespect had his Twitch page suspended by the website’s moderators.

On top of that, Dr Disrespect also had his E3 badge revoked. It is unknown at this moment if either ban is permanent or temporary, and the streamer hasn’t yet directly commented on the bannings. Dr Disrespect is one of the most watched Twitch livestreamers, and Twitch has been known to mainly issue only temporary bans, so his channel could likely return soon.

Also, it was only his E3 2019 badge confiscated, so he could very likely be back for next year’s show. Time will tell to see if and when these decisions are reversed, but it’s probably safe to say that this is hardly an instance of Dr Disrespect flushing his career down the toilet. 

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