Blizzard to Nintendo: Put Diablo In Super Smash Bros

Usually when Nintendo gets requests from fans regarding who they should put in their new Super Smash Bros. title, most requests go politely ignored.  People have been clamoring for years to see the likes of Goku, Sora, Crash Bandicoot, and really anyone else in a Smash game.  But now it seems Blizzard Entertainment has their own request for who they want to see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Diablo.

Yesterday it was leaked that Diablo 3 was indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch platform, with the likes of Ganondorf appearing via a set of cosmetic armor and other Zelda-themed dressage. Today that amazing rumor was confirmed!  The fine folks at Game Informer sat down with Senior Producer at Blizzard Pete Stilwell to discuss other potential crossovers with Nintendo in the future.

Stilwell laughed a little bit about the idea of Blizzard characters showing up in Smash Bros, but then gave a pretty definitive answer, “Personally, yeah, I’d love to have Diablo. That to me is the immediate one. Then if we had over time, eventually the heroes, go through all of them…or you could be really awesome and only have Deckard Cain.”

Stilwell cracked a few more jokes about the idea of Deckard joining the roster saying,”…he puts them to sleep and just slowly drags them to the edge and drops them off.” That’s pretty similar to DK’s throw move in the very first Smash game, so who knows?  Maybe Deckard will be the one to bring that much-maligned grapple.

GI then went the other way with questions and asked what Nintendo crossovers could make it into Blizzard titles, particularly Diablo 3 on Switch.  Associate Producer Matt Cederquist gave a pretty tantalizing idea, “Bowser, Bowser would be a sweet dungeon boss,” Cederquist said.

Stilwell ran with the question and said he’d also like to put the classic Pig Ganon into a dungeon as well.

Diablo 3 will be coming to Switch this Fall.  Are you excited to take Hell with you on the go?  Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more Diablo-related happenings and check out these other stories from Don’t Feed The Gamers


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