Tra-la-laaaaaa! First Trailer for DreamWorks ‘Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie’ Hits the Web in a Single Bound (VIDEO)

Dav Pilkey’s beloved series of children’s books makes the leap to the big screen in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. The DreamWorks animated film brings to life absurd fun and Pilkey’s distinct art style present throughout the long-running book series. You can check out all the action, thrills, and “laffs” in the teaser below:

The film follows best friends George Beard & Harold Hutchins, whose combined penchant for mischief results in them accidentally hypnotizing their grumpy principal Mr. Krupp into becoming the carefree and pants-free superhero Captain Underpants. What started as a joke quickly turns into a problem as the two friends lose control of their uninhibited principal just as mad scientist Professor Poopypants arrives to enact a villainous plan.

Actor Ed Helms voices Mr. Krupp / Captain Underpants, while comedian Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch voice the child characters of George and Harold. Nick Kroll, who previously portrayed the villain in Sausage Party, provides the voice of the dastardly Professor Poopypants. All in all, the movie looks to capture the spirit that made the book series a worldwide phenomenon, while adding modern a flavor for a new generation.

captain underpants poster

What do you think of the trailer for Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie? Were you a fan of the books growing up? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for more gaming and entertainment news in the future. You can also head over to our official Disqus channel if you’re in the mood for video game conversation. For more on the topic of animation, check out these links below:

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