Rockstar Dev Seemingly Confirms Bully 2 (VIDEO)

Though Bully 2 seems like a far away dream, it looks like the rumors for a highly desired sequel have kicked up once more – this time straight from a Rockstar developer.

The latest interesting tid-bit comes courtesy of YouTuber Swegta when they highlighted a previous video from earlier this year called Bully 2: Leaked Concept Art & Soundtrack Samples. What makes this interesting is that one person commented on the video stating “Bully 2 is indeed in development” and after a little digging, the comment seems to have originated from a current Rockstar dev.

The commenter in question is Alex Martens and he is a Technical Designer over at the mega studio. Could this be a troll account? Yes, absolutely, but if it’s not than this could mean big things for those hoping for a sequel!

What makes us think that this isn’t some pretender account is that Martens’ channel has been active since 2013 and has a nice little chunk of subcribers, meaning it wasn’t a ghost account. Their list of channels they follow also bodes well for some validity, with the Game Developers Conference YouTube account being the most believable.

Another reason why it’s possible this ISN’T a troll account is that Martens – though a developer – isn’t one of the more public ones. One would think that if someone were looking to impersonate the dev, they’d pick one more notable – somebody easy to emulate.

Still, we have no concrete proof other than a simple comment and some digging into the account itself, but it does look promising for those that are hoping for a continuation following cancellation scares.

What do you think? Think Martens could be legit, or a meritless chase kickstarted by a troll? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit us up over on Twitter @YouFedtheGamers for more gaming goodness 24/7!


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