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Dungeons & Dragons Subclasses Announced For Cleric, Wizard, And Druid

New Dungeons & Dragons subclasses for Clerics, Wizards, and Druids for are now available for your next 5e campaign....

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Makes Gigantamax Meowth Look Like Longcat (VIDEO)

Pokemon Sword and Shield versions have revived a 10+ year-old meme by making Gigantamax Meowth look like longcat! Remember...

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Analogue Pocket

Console manufacturer Analogue has announced its first portable system dubbed ‘Pocket,’ and it’s sure to bring back everything we...

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Destiny 2 Haunted Forest May Return For Festival Of The Lost

Destiny 2 is supposedly bringing back the Haunted Forest activity for Festival of the Lost. In-game evidence has surfaced...

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steam local co-op

Steam will soon be offering a new local co-op feature for PC gamers. The new feature is called Remote...

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Enchanted Portals Accused Of Ripping Off Cuphead (VIDEO)

Xixo Games Studio is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their newest game Enchanted Portals. However, some are suggesting...

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Free Games Now Available For Active Duty Military And Veterans Through Steam, Other Platforms

Thanks to Games to Grunts, a variety of games are free for active military personnel and veterans. Games to Grunts...

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New Sekiro Mod Adds Playable Characters From RDR2, Star Wars, And More (VIDEO)

With the recently updated Ultimate Character Collection mod for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you can now play-slice your way...

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Overwatch Character Representative

Overwatch is using its deep lore to fill the pages of a new YA fiction novel, The Hero of...

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Fortnite Season 8

A class-action lawsuit is being drafted by a Montreal legal firm against Epic Games. The newly announced lawsuit alleges...

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