ARGcast: The Simpsons History in Retro Gaming with Bill Gardner (PODCAST)

ARGcast #119: The Simpsons History in Retro Gaming with Bill Gardner

Head on over to the town of Springfield with us and friend of the show Bill Gardner as we discuss retro gaming that stars The Simpsons!

Don’t have a cow, ARGonauts! We’re diving into the retro gaming library that makes up our favorite yellow-skinned family The Simpsons. Returning guest Bill Gardner joins us to talk about the good (and downright awful) titles based on the long-running show. We even have plenty of responses from listeners like YOU that we read on the show. Let us know your favorite Simpsons games in history also at our Discord.

ARGcast #119: The Simpsons History in Retro Gaming with Bill Gardner

We kick off with the news on the reveal of a Battletoads game for Game Boy that was completed, but never released. We then get into some Switch-centric news on Nintendo stating how they’d like 20-30 new indie games released per week, and a special edition for the Toki remaster that will please arcade fans. Then we take a look at an amazing fan-made trailer for the PS4 Spider-Man game that gets our old school bones tingling.

The Stage of History this week feeds our yellow fever with Bart vs the Space Mutants and The Simpsons Arcade Game. Robert then hits the mat with Simpsons Wrestling in Obscura. Be sure to grab our game code giveaways for Aftergrinder and Dungeon Stars, then stick around for another round of Random Select! Who could Robert be this time?

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