12-Hour Hades Yule Log Animation Released By Supergiant Games (VIDEO)

Hades Yule Log

2020 saw many highly praised video games this year, and perhaps the most highly praised indie game this year was Supergiant Games’ Hades. The compelling little game packed a big mythical punch of Greek mythology and roguelike combat. The game’s unique and colorful art-style really captivated players, and encouraged fans to express their fandom with fan art and amazing cosplays. With the holidays in full tow, many families without fireplaces are quite familiar with the new tradition of Yule log videos that simulate having a fireplace. Now, to celebrate the game’s success, Supergiant Games has released a new 12-hour long Hades Yule log video.

Supergiant Games recently released the 12-hour looping Hades Yule log video on the official Supergiant Games’ official YouTube channel. The video consists of a 12-hour animated loop of a fireplace in the visual style of Hades. Separate art has also been shared showing protagonist Zagreus by the fire and Christmas tree celebrating the holiday with friends. Supergiant had this to say about the surprise video gift:

Looking ahead, we’re excited to be able to stick together as a team, and keep making games. While it’s too early to say what’s next for us as yet, we’re really looking forward to figuring it out. For now, from all of us, we wish you a safe, restful, cozy, happy holiday season, and all the best in the coming year.”

Hades has already been quite successful with its sales and has received several major awards, including Best Indie Game award at The Game Awards 2020. Needless to say, Supergiant Games has expressed well how grateful they are to the gaming community for the success of Hades. Here’s hoping perhaps more cute Hades content like this comes in 2021 to help make the year start off with a bang.

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