Warner Bros. Acquires Machinima

Last week, Warner Bros. announced their acquisition of the digital media company Machinima. Machinima, which focuses on gamer culture and various fandoms, is estimated to be worth a little bit under $100 million. The online company has a network of around 100,000 creators whom create original scripted and unscripted content reaching a monthly audience of almost 150 million viewers across several different platforms. Although details of the deal weren’t disclosed we do know that the online content provider will be absorbed into the newly formed Warner Bros. Digital Networks division.


This was not a spur of the moment decision on WB’s part as the entertainment conglomerate has been investing in the YouTube based multichannel network as far back as 2014 when they sunk $18 million into the company; at the time Machinima seemed to be a sinking ship that was hemorrhaging money and losing a significant amount of viewers. Even back then, rumors were rampant about WB’s interest in buying out the struggling digital media company.

We should note that Machinima was also affiliated with WB as a distribution partner for the very popular Mortal Kombat digital series. The companies motives for out right buying the gamer centered content provider appears to be their interest in tapping into the digital entertainment sphere, expanding on their DC properties, and the development of original content aimed at the gaming community. Warner Bros Television Group’s president of business and strategy Craig Hunegs said the following with regard to the acquisition:

Machinima is a strong gamer and fandom content and social brand with enormous reach and high engagement with audiences that play our games and are big fans of DC films and television shows. Machinima also produces great, high quality content for their community, and together we can create an even more compelling experience and do some really exciting things involving our key franchises.”

What do you think of Machinima being bought out by WB and how do you think the acquisition will affect the channels content? Let us know by joining the conversation in the comments below and as always keep a tab open on Don’t Feed The Gamers for all the video game and other news you need to know.

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