Goat Simulator Lets You Fight Crime as a Dolphin in a Wheelchair in Hilarious DLC (VIDEO)

Goat Simulator on Xbox One and Xbox 360  received a a $5.00 dlc on December 7th that is a parody of the classic heist game Payday. The appropriately named Goat Simulator:…

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Xbox One tipping point

Microsoft Sees 2016 as the Xbox One’s ‘Tipping Point’

In response to the Xbox One’s rising sales momentum, the company is looking at this year as the tipping point where the console finally hit its stride. For a majority of…

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Injustice and Hauted House Latest Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games

Microsoft has been steadily expanding their list of backwards compatible games from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. The most recent additions to the retinue will be Warner Bros. Injustice Gods…

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First Xbox Black Friday Deals Roll In

The craziest shopping day of the year is almost upon us! Microsoft has posted the first batch of Xbox Black Friday deals in promotion for the event. As posted recently…

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Microsoft Kinect ad

This Day in Gaming History: The Microsoft Kinect Was Released

November 4, 2010 It was only six years ago when Microsoft released the Xbox 360 companion camera, the Kinect. The accessory offered a motion capture technology that could rival Nintendo’s popular…

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This Day in Gaming History: Dragon Age: Origins

November 3, 2009 Seven years ago, Dragon Age: Origins was released to widespread fanfare and praise from essentially everyone. The high-fantasy epic would introduce RPG fans to a rich new world. From…

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Sonic Generations

This Day in Gaming History: Sonic Generations

Six years ago, Sega pulled every one of our nostalgia strings and released the series-spanning Sonic Generations. The game would offer the richest Sonic experience in recent memory. Sonic Generations was created in…

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This Day in Gaming History: Bayonetta

October 29th, 2009 Seven years ago, game developer PlatinumGames introduced the world to Bayonetta‘s realm of sexy witchcraft. The game’s stylish protagonist and rich gameplay are what made it an instant classic among fans….

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Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection is Free + Free Multiplayer All-Access Event

Microsoft has invited all Xbox Live members without a Gold membership across both last gen (Xbox 360) and current gen (Xbox One) consoles to play online with fellow gamers for…

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Backwards Compatibility

Three Titles Added to Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Catalog – Full List Here

The list continues to grow. Every month Microsoft works hand in hand with big name publishers and developers to constantly increase the list of games playable through the Backwards Compatibility…

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