Warcraft 3 Gets Widescreen Support & More In Latest Update

Changes … they keep happening in Warcraft 3 and many hopefuls can’t help but to be swept away in the rumors of a remaster on the horizon. Blizzard themselves have…

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Family Guy Warcraft

Family Guy Warcraft Themed Episode Airing This Week

With the holiday of April Fools Day coming up, one tends to see any number of strange stories come to light, all in the name of pranking. One that may sound…

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Warcraft III Patch

Warcraft III Sees Another Major Rebalancing Patch, Further Igniting Remaster Rumors

Previously, we reported a new Warcraft III patch going into PTR – the first one in quite a long time. The 16 year old game is receiving another update, bringing even…

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Warcraft III Drops Major Update Sixteen Years After Launch, Remaster Hopes Flare Up Once More

It has been sixteen years since the release of Blizzard’s release of the third installment of their real-time strategy game. Now a new Warcraft III update has just been released…

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Warcraft Director Discusses Potential Sequel In New Interview

The director of the 2016 Warcraft movie adaptation was recently interviewed and the possibility of a sequel was discussed. Bringing the lore of the story to a live-action moving brought…

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Warcraft Sequel is Still Up in the Air, Says Director Duncan Jones

If you enjoyed the Warcraft film based off of its Blizzard video game counterpart, you might be a little disappointed to know that headway into a sequel is still very…

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Heroes of the Storm Character Zul’jin Abilities Featured in New Warcraft Video

Zul’jin was revealed just a month ago for Warcraft’s Heroes of the Storm. Released with a patch yesterday, the new character is  gearing up to be a solid contender with…

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Warcraft movie sequel

Details for Unconfirmed Warcraft Movie Sequel Revealed

With its release in June of 2016, Warcraft netted $433 million world wide and gained the title of highest-grossing film based on a game of all time. Set in the…

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JAKKS BIG FIG’s Durotan from Warcraft 18″ Full Figure Review

JAKKS BIG FIG has done it again with the latest figure to bring a beloved fictional character to life, even if it is for the Horde. Meet Durotan, son of…

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The Heroes of Azeroth Return to Karazhan in recent WoW Patch 7.1

World of Warcraft players are met with the typical Tuesday ritual that is filled with waiting for the server to come back online from server maintenance and any new patches that…

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