WWE 2k22 Edge

WWE 2K22 Sets March Release Window, New Footage Revealed (VIDEO)

It’s been a while since we have last seen anything about the upcoming WWE 2K22, but the long hiatus appears to be over, if only for a moment. Revealed in…

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NBA 2K21 Ads 2K Games 2KTV

NBA 2K21 Loading Screens Feature Unskippable Ads, 2K Responds (VIDEO)

The release of NBA 2K21 last month was surely a hype-worthy one for fans, as the 2K Sports title touted a number of exciting updates such as crisper visuals, streamlined…

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WWE 2K20 Devs Issue Fix For New Year's Crashes

WWE 2K20 Crashing On All Platforms, 2K Issues Fix (VIDEO)

The new year has officially begun and many of us are surely wrestling with the annual occasion in our own way. However, it appears that 2K title WWE 2K20 took…

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New WWE 2K20 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off The Fiend, Hulk Hogan, And More (VIDEO)

New WWE 2K20 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off The Fiend, Hulk Hogan, And More (VIDEO)

For the past ten or so years, wrestling fans have for the most part come to expect the same cycle from video game offerings. WWE has released a plethora of…

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NBA 2K20 Has Casino-Themed Loot Boxes, But Somehow Isn't Gambling (VIDEO)

NBA 2K20 Has Casino-Themed Loot Boxes, But Somehow Isn’t Gambling (VIDEO)

The latest 2K Sports title NBA 2K20 is currently readying for release on PC and consoles, offering a number of new highlights such as updated rosters, improved player customization, and…

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NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19’s Unskippable In-Game Ads Sends Internet Into Outrage Mode

As the game industry has seen rapid changes the past few years, game publishers have been known to diversify their methods of obtaining revenue, both from the player and other…

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WWE 2K19 Ric Flair Wooooo! Edition

Wooooo! WWE 2K19 Announces Ric Flair Collector’s Edition (VIDEO)

One of the wrestling world’s most larger-than-life legends Ric Flair is getting his own dedicated slice of WWE 2K19, namely a special collector’s pack appropriately titled the “Wooooo! Edition.” This…

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WWE 2K19 Chooses AJ Styles As Cover Star, Announces “Million Dollar Challenge” (VIDEO)

Following this past weekend at WWE’s Money in the Bank event, WWE Champion AJ Styles is currently riding high from the resulting big win under his belt. However, the man…

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WWE 2K18 PC Release Date Announced, New DLC Characters Revealed

WWE 2K18 PC Release Date Announced – New DLC Characters Revealed (VIDEO)

Next month’s launch of WWE 2K18 is nearly upon us, or as wrestler Triple H might say: it’s almost “time to play the game.” While the 2K Sports title is…

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NBA 2K18

Visual Concepts’ NBA 2K18 Reveals Story-Driven Franchise Mode

A little bit of story in sports games is nothing new, but usually focuses on a single player. Visual Concepts’ NBA 2K18 will be the first in the long-running series to offer…

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