venom movie tom hardy eddie brock

Eddie Brock Cast in Sony’s Upcoming Venom Movie – Fall Production Confirmed

A spin-off film starring the exploits of popular Spider-Man villain Venom has been in the works for a long while now, with the project changing directors, writers, and producers numerous…

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Avengers 4 Spider-man

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Confirms Avengers 4 Spider-Man Role and Talks R-Ratings

The Avengers 4 Spider-Man role has been confirmed by Marvel’s own Kevin Feige. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the president of Marvel Studios discussed the future of Spider-Man and…

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Venom Film

Venom Film Set to Begin Shooting This Fall – Listed as “Action/Horror/Sci-Fi”

It recently came to light that Sony’s Venom film has a release date set for October 5, 2018. This, of course, did not come out of thin air because it was…

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villain venom 90s cartoon

Spider-Man Villain Venom Gets His Own Movie Set for Release Next Year

It’s no secret that Sony Pictures has wanted to make a movie revolving around the Spider-Man villain Venom for a while now. His popularity has kept interest high for the…

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Venom Takes Over Marvel Heroes in New Venom Variant Covers

Part of the novelty of buying a comic book is collecting an edition that has a variant cover. These variants can occasionally turn out to be a limited edition making…

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gwenpool venom madness

‘Venom Madness’ Takes Over the Marvel Universe This March

To promote Spider-Man’s upcoming confrontation with the new Venom, the company has declared this coming March to be ‘Venom Madness’. Artists from 26 Marvel comics have created Venom-themed variant covers for their respective series’….

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Marvel Appoints New Venom After Civil War 2

As the dust settles from Civil War II, many fans may be wondering who or what is going to be bonded with the Venom symbiote. Marvel’s Venom answered this question…

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