MArvel's Avengers Iron Man Profile

Marvel’s Avengers Profiles Iron Man (VIDEO)

Marvel’s Avengers still has quite a bit of time to go before it is released, but that is not stopping fans from wanting to learn everything they can about the…

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Marvel's Iron Man vs Fighter Jet: How Do They Stack Up IRL?

Marvel’s Iron Man vs. Fighter Jet: How Do They Stack Up IRL? (VIDEO)

Everyone’s favorite comic book quadruple-threat (genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist) Tony Stark is undoubtedly the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Iron Man, the armored Avenger currently one of the…

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New Spider-Man Homecoming “Stark Internship” Clip Shows Peter Parker in Stress Mode (VIDEO)

We are just under two weeks away from seeing the solo movie debut of Spider-Man as performed by Tom Holland in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many more clips of…

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A New Spider-Man Homecoming Clip is Revealed and Features an Inappropriate Stark (VIDEO)

Superhero movies are all the rage and it’s not hard to see why since they appeal to a wide demographic! That and a variety of other factors, including dedicated comic…

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