Throwback Thursday Space Invaders Gritty Reboot

Throwback Thursday: That Time Space Invaders Got A Gritty Reboot (VIDEO)

Space Invaders is a game players both young and old instantly recognize, the retro title’s innovative and addictive gameplay enduring many years past its release in 1978. The arcade classic…

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Throwback Thursday Mass Effect 2 Opening

Throwback Thursday: Revisiting Mass Effect 2’s Epic Cinematic Opening (VIDEO)

After BioWare’s decision to put the future of Mass Effect on hiatus, the series’ direction is looking pretty uncertain despite its assured continuation. Split-reception of the most recent entry aside,…

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Marvel DC Crossover The Wizard Of Oz

Throwback Thursday: Marvel And DC’s First Crossover Was ‘The Wizard Of Oz’

DC and Marvel Comics both sport an incredible assortment of characters, many of which have ascended beyond their pages to become staples of pop culture. Heroes such as Superman and…

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Throwback Thursday Xbox Prototype X Console

Throwback Thursday: Xbox Began As A Huge X-Shaped Console (VIDEO)

Microsoft may have already spawned the Xboxiest console of all time in the Xbox One X, but the company’s eXuberance had previously gone to uneXplored eXtremes when first eXposing the…

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Throwback Thursday E3 Never Release Scalebound Star Wars 1313 Duke Nukem Forever

Throwback Thursday: Awesome E3 Announcements That Never Saw Release (VIDEO)

Each year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo brings forth the biggest games the industry has to offer, with unveilings often showcasing a spectacle only worthy of such a grand event. Of course,…

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Red Dead Revolver

Throwback Thursday: Red Dead Revolver – Rockstar’s Original Old West Shooter (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to May 4, 2004, when Red Dead Revolver released for the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox. From developer Rockstar Games, the game combined arcade shoot-’em-ups with silver-screen spaghetti…

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Super Smash Bros

Throwback Thursday: Super Smash Bros – Clash Of The Nintendo Titans (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to April 26, 1999, when Super Smash Bros released for Nintendo 64. The fighting title was unique in the way it assembled many of Nintendo’s distinct franchises…

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Jade Empire

Throwback Thursday: Jade Empire – BioWare’s Martial Arts Epic (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to April 14, 2005, when Jade Empire released for the original Xbox. The game gave players the power to become an unstoppable martial arts master with the…

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Smash TV

Throwback Thursday: Smash TV – “I’d Buy That For A Dollar!” (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to April 1990, when Smash TV released for arcades. The game put players in the middle of a violent, over-the-top game show, slaying waves of dangerous enemies…

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Resident Evil

Throwback Thursday: Resident Evil – Home Sweet Horror (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to March 30th, 1996, when Resident Evil released for the original PlayStation. The game brought the concept of survival horror to the mainstream, terrifying the masses with…

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