Nicolas Cage Superman

The Nicolas Cage Superman We Need Is Finally Happening In Teen Titans Go! Movie

Actor and lord of memes Nicolas Cage is a national treasure for his often glorious contributions to the big and small screen. This summer will see the Oscar-winning performer have…

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Lego Dimensions Teen Titans

Lego Dimensions Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice Packs Revealed

Lego Dimensions has been going strong with its stacked release schedule of expansion packs to help keep players interested in the game, bringing new updates and franchise universes to the…

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Adventure Time Miniseries

Cartoon Network Bringing New Adventure Time Miniseries – Tons of New Content to Come

It was announced in a press release that Cartoon Network will be bringing 13 new series this year. Some are returning series while other are brand new, including one called…

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