Splinter Cell

Ubisoft CEO Teases the Return of the Iconic Splinter Cell Franchise (VIDEO)

The Tom Clancy franchise is one that we’ve seen evolve over the years and Ubisoft isn’t quite done with it yet. From Rainbow Six to Splinter Cell, Ubisoft titles have…

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These New Alien: Covenant Teaser Clips Bring the Suspense and Trepidation (VIDEO)

Alien: Covenant is almost here, just a few more weeks to go before the next phase in the Alien franchise releases in theaters world-wide. With no shortage of videos or…

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A Brand New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer Set for Tomorrow – Watch the Teaser for it Here (VIDEO)

It’s almost time, space travelers! If you’re like me (which, if you are – I am so, so sorry) – then you cannot wait to get your hands on the…

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Overwatch Character Teasers

New Photos Highlight In-Game Overwatch Character Teasers (GALLERY)

Blizzard has been giving fans Overwatch character teasers all week it seems. Players have been left to speculate who might be the next character to join the fight. This latest teaser…

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Square Enix Avengers Game

A “Completely Original Story” Promised for Upcoming Square Enix Avengers Game

Many were surprised about Square Enix’s newest project announcement this past week, as they revealed their upcoming game based on Marvel’s Avengers. This new Square Enix Avengers game will involve…

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Pokémon Sun and Moon

Fans Leak Pokémon Sun and Moon Exclusives

Pokémon Sun and Moon doesn’t come out until next week, but that hasn’t stopped fans that have gotten early copies from revealing some of the exclusive pokémon in each game. Some may…

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Rockstar Games Drops Some More Teasers About the Future of the Red Dead Redemption Series

Earlier today Rockstar Games tweeted an image of their logo, sporting a red and black color palette. No words or explanation accompanied the tweet but that didn’t stop fans from…

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