Narcos Rise of the Cartels Trailer

Netflix’s Narcos: Rise of the Cartels Trailer Shares Gameplay and Release Window (VIDEO)

Perhaps no media company has impacted the entertainment as much as Netflix has this past decade. The company ushered in a new sector of media with streaming services, which numerous…

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Per Aspera

Per Aspera Announcement Trailer Revealed At E3 2019 (VIDEO)

E3 2019 is in full swing and we’ve already heard so many major announcements that the DFTG has begun to ponder which reveal has been their favorite so far. While…

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WATCH: First Look At India In Upcoming Civilization VI: Rise And Fall Expansion

The Rise and Fall expansion for Civilization VI is preparing for its release on February 8th of the new year, and we’ve got an up close and personal look at…

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Warframe Studio

Warframe Studio Digital Extremes Announces New Game Called Keystone

Warframe studio Digital Extremes has announced that they are working on a new free-to-play game called Keystone.  The game, which is beginning its closed alpha phase this weekend, is a team-based…

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Strategy Game ‘Shock Tactics’ Takes a Page from XCOM (VIDEO)

The XCOM series has been a wonderful set of games, starting in 1994 with UFO: Enemy Unknown, and spanning through the years up to XCOM 2, which was released in…

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