Path of Exile Ultimatum Server Issues

Path Of Exile Dev Addresses Server Issues Following Controversy

The launch of the latest expansion for Path of Exile has essentially left a bad taste in players’ mouths. Ultimatum was released with what may be the worst server issues…

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path of exile harvest

Path Of Exile: Harvest Update Introduces Deadly Gardening Fun (VIDEO)

Cultivate a deadly harvest in Path of Exile’s latest update! Tons of new content, features, and enemies will arrive later this month when Grinding Gear Games releases Path of Exile:…

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Path of Exile 2 Announced, "One Game, Two Campaigns" (VIDEO)

Path of Exile 2 Announced, “One Game, Two Campaigns” (VIDEO)

Following the big reveal of Diablo IV at BlizzCon, yet another popular action RPG has now been unveiled in the form of Path of Exile 2. Announced at the recently-concluded…

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Path Of Exile PS4 Launch Coming Later This Month

Grinding Gear Games’ free-to-play action, role-playing title, Path of Exile, initially launched in 2013 for PC audiences. Almost an entire four years later, the team successfully ported the game for…

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Path Of Exile Heads To PS4 This December (VIDEO)

Path of Exile, the free-to-play action role-playing game, released around this time in 2013 by Grinding Gear Games. Launched first and foremost for PC, it was followed by a release…

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Path Of Exile Developer Gets Acquired By Tencent And Players Aren’t Happy About It

Tencent owns a fair share of the gaming market right now, which is likely why that name may sound familiar. In fact, those who spend their beloved gaming time on…

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Details on the Path of Exile: Legacy League, Available to Play Now! (VIDEO)

Last month, Grinding Gear Games (GGG) announced the details of the upcoming Path of Exile: Legacy League, but it isn’t just any regular old challenge. While each league offers unique…

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Path of Exile Title

Action RPG ‘Path of Exile’ Headed to Xbox One (VIDEO)

Another critically acclaimed PC game is headed to console. Grinding Gear Games has announced that their action role-playing game (RPG), Path of Exile, is headed to the Xbox One. Players can expect…

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