NSFW: Dragon Ball Z Porn Parody Is Ready To Ruin Your Childhood (VIDEO)

Nothing is sacred, but that’s okay since rule 34 exists. Furthermore, romance and video games are no strangers to each other. Take the companion options within the Dragon Age, Mass…

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Simpsons Parodies Big Bang Theory in 30th Anniversary Couch Gag (VIDEO)

For fans of the Simpsons, it’s no surprise to find the creators behind this long-running series taking pot-shots at recent events and media in their episodes. Recently, however, the Simpsons…

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There’s a Resident Evil 4 Dating Sim Because Of Course There Is (GALLERY)

Is nothing sacred anymore!? It’s Leon, so it’s forgiven but in a twist literally no one saw coming – there is now a Resident Evil 4 dating sim game that…

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deadpool beauty and the beast gaston

No One Kills This Beauty and the Beast Song Quite Like Deadpool in Hilarious Fan Made Video

Peanut butter and jelly, rainbows and unicorns, Deadpool and… musical numbers? One group of fans thought there would be no better mash up, and choosing to make their parody to…

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developer update

Developer Update Parodies Has the Overwatch Director Joining in on the Laughs (VIDEO)

The Overwatch community is getting bigger and bigger with each day. Fans celebrate the lore, character interactions, and general gameplay through fanfiction, art, crafts and other fantastic and unique ways. One fan…

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Star Wars Parody

‘Scary Movie’ and ‘Epic Movie’ Writers Tackling an Incredibly Named Star Wars Parody

For as long as there have been big blockbuster movies, there have also been parodies of those same films. Through the years, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have been writing parodies…

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Yoda Really Hates Seagulls – Star Wars Hilarious Bad Lip Reading (VIDEO)

With all the Star Wars hype going on these days, it’s not hard to go online and find parodies of all kinds trekking the world ’round. It seems, however, that…

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The Perfect DOOM Tribute – MiniDOOM is Free to Play (TRAILER)

DOOM is a legendary first-person shooter (FPS) that began its reign of gory terror back in 1993. Since then, many titles have since joined the ranks of this brutal franchise…

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FIFA 17 Glitches Inspire YouTube Creators to Make A Real Life Parody (VIDEO)

Anyone who is a fan of sports video games has probably tried their hand (or virtual foot) at playing FIFA one time or another. Regardless of the excellent realism, in…

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PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) Meets Death Note in Hilarious Parody Video (Video)

Death Note has been considerably one of the most discussed anime series since it’s release in 2006 with some very well known characters that have weaseled their way into hearts…

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