Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Are Being Improved, But Wear Is “Unavoidable”

Nintendo has been known to make improvements to their hardware over the years, and that trend has only continued well with their latest console, the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo somewhat surprised…

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Nintendo Addresses Switch OLED Burn-in Concerns By Sharing Best Practices

Nintendo Addresses Switch OLED Burn-in Concerns

Nintendo surprised a lot of folks when it announced the Switch OLED instead of the Switch Pro, forgoing enhanced specs and features for, well, a better screen. Said screen does…

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Nintendo Has "No Plans" For A New Switch Model Beyond OLED

Nintendo Has “No Plans” For New Switch Model Beyond OLED

Nintendo fans looking forward to what was presumed to be an inevitable announcement of a Switch Pro were understandably surprised when the company instead revealed the Switch OLED, which features…

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New Nintendo Switch OLED

New Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announced, Specs Largely Unchanged

An all-new version of the Nintendo Switch has been the subject of rumblings for over a year at this point, but Big N has largely responded with little else than…

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