Fallout: The Frontier

Massive Fallout: New Vegas Mod Titled, ‘The Frontier’ (VIDEO)

Bethesda’s Fallout: New Vegas (FNV) is one of the most modded games out there. A team of story writers, coders, animators, and artists have worked hard and continue to work to…

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Fallout 4 Mods

Fallout 4 Mods FINALLY Coming to PS4

After months of delays and back-and-forth “will they, won’t they”, Fallout 4 mods are FINALLY coming to the PlayStation 4 (PS4). While we can expect that the same limitations as…

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GTA Online is Taking Action Against In-Game Cheaters

It’s looking like Rockstar is taking a stand against players exploiting easy money-earning hacks in GTA Online. Players have received an unfortunate message recently stating that their in-game funds are…

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Skyrim: Special Edition Boasting 69 Mods for Xbox While only 11 for the PS4

Being one of the most popular titles in Bethesda’s list of open world RPG’s, Skyrim is expecting an official release of its special edition version this Friday. And good news for gamers wanting…

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Samsung Exploiting DMCA to Takedown Videos of GTA 5 Note 7 Bomb Mod

Samsung Electronics is not amused by one player’s Grand Theft Auto mod which features their now infamous flagship phablet, the Note 7. What is now being referred to as the…

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Witcher 3…3DS Game? New Mod Makes It (Graphically) Real and We’re Kind of Digging it

Some things you just gotta do, you know – for science. Apparently making the visually stunning title Witcher 3: Wild Hunt look like a 3DS game is one of those…

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