Lord of the Rings Online

Lord Of The Rings Online Community Assembled To Pay Respects To Bilbo Baggins Actor Ian Holm

Fans of Tolkien’s works can be incredibly passionate about many of the various characters and their portrayals in media such as games, movies, and TV shows. The late Ian Holm,…

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Lord of the Rings Online’s Latest Expansion ‘Mordor’ Delayed

The free to play MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Lord of the Rings Online was supposed to be rolling out its latest expansion Mordor on July 31. Due to some technical issues found just…

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Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) Update 19 is Now Live (VIDEO)

For years, MMO titles have been a great choice for players when it comes to delivering an immersive and longstanding gameplay experience. For instance: World of Warcraft and Smite are both popular titles for…

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