Massive Twitch Leaks Expose Source Code, Payout Numbers And More

Massive Twitch Leaks Expose Source Code, Payout Numbers And More

While Twitch has fairly confidently cemented themselves as the biggest platform for live-streaming, particularly for video game livestreaming, that lead position has not been without controversy and missteps. While some…

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Live A Live Streaming

Live A Live Streaming Event Announced By Square Enix

Role playing games have proven that the genre is one of the most enduring genres in the entire medium, and the company perhaps most ubiquitously known for RPG’s is Square…

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Facebook Gaming Launches Dedicated Streaming App

Many new technologies have impacted the gaming industry greatly so far in the 21st century, but perhaps none have quite had the same influence on it that live-streaming has. Thanks…

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Seattle Police Department

Seattle Police Department Initiates Program To Prevent Swatting (VIDEO)

One of the biggest new inclusions to the gaming culture scene in the past decade has easily been the proliferation of live-streaming. Now, game enthusiasts are able to share their…

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Twitch Community Guidelines

Twitch Community Guidelines Updated To Address Harassment And Hate Speech

Any gamer that spends time in online gaming communities has likely been witness to toxicity expressed towards another player, or has even been a victim of said toxicity themselves. Now,…

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Live Streaming

Latest Update Brings Beam Live Streaming Service to Windows 10 and the Xbox One

Xbox One players will have more options than ever before in the form of a first party service called Beam live streaming. The ability to interact with one’s viewers is…

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