New Borderlands Movie Image Teases Cate Blanchett’s Lilith

The Sirens are a large part of Borderlands lore, and few match up to the level of the series’ resident Firehawk, Lilith. The character is set to be played by…

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New Borderlands 2 'Commander Lilith' DLC Leaked Ahead Of E3 Reveal

Borderlands Movie Casts New Character “Key” To Lilith’s Past

The Borderlands movie has been lining up some pretty interesting actors for its upcoming appearance on the big screen, but it appears that the latest has been revealed as per…

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Cate Blanchette

Cate Blanchett In Talks To Star In Borderlands Movie As Lilith

It has become quite evident that in the past few years, video games are becoming the next big field of reference material Hollywood is utilizing for blockbuster hits. Sonic the…

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