Microsoft Employees

Hundreds Of Microsoft Employees Laid Off – Xbox, Other Divisions Affected

The video game industry, like most sectors of the tech industry, can see rapid growth as quickly as declines, even for its biggest companies. With such volatility often comes tough…

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Activision Blizzard Offers Investors A Scarily Tone Deaf Statement Following Mass Layoffs

When Activision Blizzard laid off over 800 employees following a 15 million dollar bonus prior for the company’s CEO and a mighty boast about an “incredible” sales period, the gaming…

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Activision Blizzard To Lay Off Hundreds On Employees, Says Report

Activision Blizzard Confirms Massive Layoffs, Over 800 Affected

It was only a few days ago when a report surfaced alleging Activision Blizzard was in hotter water than originally thought, the company’s recently mounting woes said to be heading…

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Activision Blizzard Layoff Reports

Looming Activision Blizzard Layoff Reports Spark an Industry-Wide Call For Help

The game industry has had its fair share of layoffs after its rapid growth the past few decades, but the past few months the trend has seemed even more egregious….

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Telltale Games

Telltale Games Hit With Class Action Lawsuit By Former Employee

Many people around the world were devastated to learn that Telltale Games was closing up shop, but none more than the employees themselves. After all, they were left jobless without…

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Telltale Games

Telltale Games Experiences Major Layoffs

UPDATE: The official statement regarding the closure of the studio has been included in the original article below: Telltale Games is known for narrative-rich titles surrounding the likes of The…

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LawBreakers Publisher

LawBreakers Publisher Hit With Layoffs – Game’s Performance Not To Blame

When Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions launched a beta of their freshman title, gamers were beginning to get excited about the gravity-defying shooter. However, when the game was officially released,…

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