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Sony To Reveal “Compelling” PS5 Game Lineup Soon

The PlayStation 5 is nearly all set to usher in the long-awaited next generation of consoles and the hardware has shown to offer no shortage of impressive features and technology….

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PlayStation 5 Games Lineup Will “Soon” Be Revealed By Sony

After a while of waiting, the next generation of consoles will finally greet awaiting fans later this year. The likes of Xbox and Sony have shown immense promise through their…

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PlayStation 5 Controller Possibly Revealed In Leaked Images

Sony CEO Weighs In On Game Addiction Disorder Classification

The decision for the World Health Organization to officially classify game addiction as a disorder is one that seemingly everyone has an opinion about, with many either seeing the benefits…

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Sony and Microsoft Are Teaming Up For "Strategic Partnership"

Sony and Microsoft Are Teaming Up For “Strategic Partnership”

The likes of Sony and Microsoft have been largely considered rivals for the duration of their presence in the gaming scene, the two companies notably spawning the successful PlayStation and…

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