untitled goose game feat

Untitled Goose Game Physical Release And Vinyl Soundtrack Coming Soon

Get ready to honk your way into mayhem! The widely acclaimed Untitled Goose Game is getting physical editions of the soundtrack and game for fans of the (definitely) chaotic neutral…

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E3 2020 Creative Directors Quit Amid Coronavirus Concerns

With only a few months into 2020, many chaotic events have affected the planet and many of the major events occurring on it. One of the most prevalent has been…

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Classic Mega Man

Mega Man Games Returning With Two Classics In Cartridge Form (VIDEO)

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Mega Man, and Capcom is certainly not being shy with celebrating the special occasion for the Blue Bomber. Not only is Mega Man…

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Shadow of Colossus Vinyl Soundtrack

Shadow Of The Colossus Vinyl Soundtrack And Beautiful Art Prints Now Available For Pre-Order

With the upcoming Shadow of the Colossus remaster a mere week away, Japan Studio and PlayStation have joined up in a collaborative effort with popular online store iam8bit to release a…

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Persona 5 Vinyl Soundtrack “Essential Edition” Set Now Available

A long time in the making in partnership with iam8bit, Atlus has finally released their Persona 5 vinyl soundtrack. Though there are two versions available, “The Essential Edition 4xLP” and…

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WATCH: Persona 5 Gets Vinyl Soundtrack Release, Producers Talk Custom Packaging

Vinyl soundtrack releases are in, and cartoons, video games, and TV shows are getting in on it. Vinyl producer iam8bit seems to be taking the business by storm, releasing creative and…

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What Remains of Edith Finch Vinyl Soundtrack - Physical Edition

What Remains Of Edith Finch Vinyl Soundtrack And Physical Edition Coming Soon

Fans of the indie title and interested parties alike will be excited to discover that there is a What Remains of Edith Finch vinyl soundtrack and physical copy coming next…

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Battletoads, Bad Fur Day, And Viva Pinata Vinyl Soundtracks Announced By Rare Studios

Vinyl has made a proper comeback in terms of popularity and use. Whether you own one from way back when, a classic player, or the modern hipster remakes held within…

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Street Fighter II SNES cartridge

Retailer Warns Street Fighter II Anniversary SNES Cartridge Could “Overheat or Catch Fire”

Though Street Fighter V’s DLC game is currently going strong, it is occasionally nice to take a nostalgia trip back in time and play the earlier games in the series,…

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Vinyl Box Sets of Persona 5’s Soundtrack are On the Way – Here are the Details

Persona 5‘s soundtrack was released on iTunes earlier this month and fans of the RPG absolutely loved it. Well, it is time to get even more excited because now it is coming…

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