Metroid Top 5 “Fast Facts” Reveals Samus’ Most Iconic Power-Up Was Actually A Mistake, Plus More (VIDEO)

Metroid introduced us to Samus Aran back in 1986 and this iconic franchise is showing no signs of slowing down. Many of us grew up with this incredible series, but…

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Player Shares Hilarious Photo Journey Of Taking Out NPCs

The latest installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise was the revamp it needed. Traversing the ancient hunting grounds throughout Egypt, seeing where the Brotherhood first started – Origins is nothing…

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south park game

Ubisoft Wants To Watch You Fart, Chance For Your Gas To Appear In New South Park Game

Ubisoft wants to watch you fart … and surprisingly, it’s not as creepy as it sounds. Ish. The team behind the new South Park game, The Fractured But Hole, is…

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Magnemite Music Video

Strange Magnemite Music Video Puts an Odd Spotlight on the Magnet Pokémon (VIDEO)

The Pokémon franchise is certainly no stranger to highlighting the absurdities of its lore, and fixating on specific creatures that embody the weirder side of its numerous monsters. The internet is…

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Earth Clan – Mass Effect Edition … “We’ll bang, OK?”

Hi, my name is Liana – and I have a severe Mass Effect addiction. The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is electing to ignore…

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My Horse Prince Mobile Game Will Make you Say Neigh to Dating! (VIDEO)

Have you ever fallen in love with a beautiful anime character? What about animals? I mean animals are pretty dang cute right? Well how about an animal with the face…

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Metal Gear Solid V Mod – Kojima and Reedus Dance in the Rain (VIDEO)

After the wildly successful release of Death Stranding‘s trailer, the internet has once again captured our attention with the emergence of yet another humorous video. To celebrate the excitement of…

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Baby Groot Takes the Spotlight in New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Teaser Trailer (VIDEO)

This is probably the most adorable way to showcase a bomb ever. “I am Groot” is back and more adorable than ever in the latest action-packed trailer for Guardians of…

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PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) Meets Death Note in Hilarious Parody Video (Video)

Death Note has been considerably one of the most discussed anime series since it’s release in 2006 with some very well known characters that have weaseled their way into hearts…

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Conan O’Brien Hilariously Plays Gears of War 4 with Wiz Khalifa (VIDEO)

Conan O’Brien’s series Clueless Gamer has been going on for over four years now, and it is still downright hilarious. If you have not guessed by now, or have not…

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