Zagreus Figurine

Hades Zagreus Figurine Announced By Good Smile

The indie gaming scene has allowed for smaller productions to become just as big as any first-party console exclusive title if they resonate deeply enough with fans. One recent game…

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pokemon sword and shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield Gloria Figma Collectible Revealed

The Good Smile Company has been in the business of making collectible figurines for nearly two decades now and their lines of pop culture anime collectibles are a wonderful reminder…

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Overwatch’s Lucio Nendoroid Is On The Way To Break It Down

If there is one thing that gamers have been enjoying in recent years, it is the acquisition of adorable little figures based on their favorite characters. The likes of Pop!…

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The Witcher's Geralt Nendoroid

The Witcher’s Geralt Nendoroid Incoming Straight From Rivia

Despite his in-game story ending with the most recent installment of the franchise, if there is one character that will continue to appear over the years to come, it will…

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Lady Maria Figma

Bloodborne’s Lady Maria Figma Announced From Good Smile

Wonder Festival 2018, the biggest figures festival in the world, is here and with it comes many announcements of exciting and impressive figures just waiting to be purchased. One of…

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A Monster Hunter World Nendoroid Is Coming Soon And It’s Ridiculously Cute

The Good Smile Company revealed an all new collectible at World Festival 2018 this week – a Monster Hunter World Nendoroid figure that’s all sorts of dangerously adorable. Featuring a…

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D.Va Overwatch Nendoroid

D.Va Announced As Latest Overwatch Nendoroid – Nerf This! (GALLERY)

Overwatch’s Hana Song – AKA D.Va – has been getting tons of merchandising love lately. Last month, Razer announced its set of D.Va-inspired peripherals, including an almost exact replica of…

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Nendoroid Overwatch figure

The Adorably Tiny Cavalry is Here – New Nendoroid Overwatch Figure has Arrived

Calling all collectors, fans of Overwatch, the beautiful center of that Venn diagram, or just about anyone that enjoys adorable things: Tracer, here! The lightning fast, abundantly optimistic poster hero…

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