Giant Godzilla Anime Netlix

WATCH: Japan’s Giant Godzilla Anime Premieres On Netflix This Month

Ever since last year, an all new Godzilla anime has been primed for release on Netflix under the title of Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. This new film based on…

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New Godzilla

Japan’s New Godzilla Makes All Other Versions Look Like Ants

As we learned earlier this year, Netflix is near-ready to debut an all new Godzilla anime titled Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, continuing Japanese studio Toho’s long-running kaiju franchise. This updated take…

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Netflix’s New Godzilla Anime Film Reveals Behind the Scenes Concept Art (VIDEO)

Gloated as the “first-ever high quality animation” by Netflix press release, a Japanese animated film of the most iconic kaiju (“giant monster”) Godzilla will be making its way to the recognized streaming…

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Pacific Rim kaiju

‘Godzilla’ and ‘Pacific Rim’ Sequels Have Official Titles

Godzilla and Pacific Rim have provided excellent movie-going experiences and exciting takes on the giant monster genre. So popular are these films that sequels for both will be stomping into theaters in the…

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