Loot Box Lawsuit EA Fifa 20

Loot Box Lawsuit Filed Against EA Over Games Like Battlefield And FIFA

With digital gaming seeing constant changes and additions to monetization structures in games, perhaps none had grown in prominence and frequency of appearance in gaming this past generation as the…

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ESRB Adds New Notice For Games With Loot Boxes

ESRB Adds New Notice For Games With Loot Boxes

It looks like the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is finally taking that last step towards providing consumers with a warning on games that contain randomized loot boxes. The ESRB…

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EA Belgium Criminal Investigation

EA Reportedly Under Criminal Investigation in Belgium For Loot Boxes

After the Battlefront II controversy, you’d think EA would learn a lesson regarding loot crates. You’d think wrong. In April, the video game titan opted to go heads up with the…

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EA Open World

EA Gives Response To Regulators That Called Loot Boxes Gambling

It is no secret that microtransactions, especially those pertaining to loot boxes, have been one of the biggest points of controversy in gaming the past year. This especially came to…

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Valve Aims its Ban Hammer at Gambling Team Fortress 2 Accounts

Last year, Valve’s latest iteration in their Counter Strike series, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, was ground zero for multiple gambling scandals involving real money trading for in-game cosmetic variances to…

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