Far Cry 5 Pizza

Far Cry 5 Pizza Place Hosts Companions Who Are Not Actively Assisting Players

Far Cry 5 has been out in the wild for two weeks now, and many players are still traversing the varied terrain of Hope County, Montana. Many knew going into…

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Far Cry 5 Story Trailer

Far Cry 5 Short Film “Inside Eden’s Gate” Is Coming To Amazon Prime (VIDEO)

Ubisoft has announced a Far Cry 5 short film which will help set the stage for the game’s release on March 27th. Taking place before the events of the game,…

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Far Cry 5 Live-Action Trailer Invites Viewers To Receive “The Father’s Blessing” (VIDEO)

To celebrate the upcoming release of the next highly anticipated Ubisoft title, a new Far Cry 5 live-action trailer has been revealed featuring the dark and twisted tale of the…

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Far Cry 5 Character Spotlight

Latest Far Cry 5 Character Spotlight Features “Grade A American Badass” Hurk (VIDEO)

The descendant of Urki from Far Cry Primal and secondary protagonist of multiple titles in the Ubisoft franchise is set to make a return. The man, the myth, the legend:…

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