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Life Is Strange 2 Launch Trailer Sheds Light On The Diaz Brothers’ Grim Reality (VIDEO)

It’s less than a week away until the launch of the first episode of Life is Strange 2, and DONTNOD Entertainment is prepared to wow fans and newcomers with an…

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Life Is Strange 2 Reveals 20 Minutes Of Gameplay Taking Place In Seattle

The arrival of Life is Strange 2 is almost here and it’s heading to Seattle, Washington – the pacific northwest known for fields of evergreen trees, coffee, plaid clothes and…

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DONTNOD’s Vampyr Receiving TV Series Adaptation

In the age where video games are becoming just as popular an entertainment choice than TV and film, it’s no secret that television production teams and investors want in. Binge-watching…

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Life Is Strange 2 Reveals An All-New Official Teaser (VIDEO)

Dontnod Entertainment has a cult-following with a community of die-hard fans just itching for the sequel release of Life Is Strange 2. As a prequel to the highly-anticipated continuation, the…

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Dontnod’s Vampyr Reveals Two New Game Modes In Forthcoming Update

Dontnod Entertainment’s latest video game endeavor, Vampyr, is a horror, action-RPG set in 1918 London. Though it’s been more than a month since it debuted for most major platforms, there…

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Life Is Strange 2 Will Be Affected By Your Choices In The First Game

Paris developer Dontnod released a trailer announcing the release date for Life is Strange 2’s first episode last week. The sequel to the studio’s first adventure title is shaping up to be…

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Life Is Strange 2 Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

Life is Strange was a massive hit for Dontnod Entertainment and has rocketed them into the spotlight as a developer to watch out for. The studio also had two projects…

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Captain Spirit

Captain Spirit Unveiled At E3 2018, A New Title In The Life Is Strange Universe (VIDEO)

Life is Strange fans were treated to an unexpected surprise from Square Enix and DONTNOD with the reveal of a new game set in the LiS universe. The new title…

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DFTG Reviews Vampyr – An Alluring Tale Of Death And Self-Reflection, Hindered By Its Combat Mechanics

Vampyr promises to be a narrative-focused game with an emphasis on decision-making and to that end, the title certainly delivers from the very start. Players assume the role of renown…

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Vampyr Reveals Trophy And Achievements List As Game Prepares For Release

Dontnod Entertainment’s latest entry in the video game industry has officially gone gold, which means Vampyr is essentially finished and ready to be shipped out for gamers to enjoy. So…

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