Metro Series Creator Confirms Involvement With Metro Exodus Sequel

Metro Series Creator Confirms Involvement With Sequel To Metro Exodus

It looks like the upcoming sequel to Metro Exodus is getting some fatherly love from the Metro book series creator himself. Author Dmitry Glukhovsky has officially confirmed his involvement in…

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Metro Exodus Update Adds Additional Photo Mode Options, Gameplay Improvements

Metro Exodus has officially released, and like most new games, it includes a day one patch. Compared to the controversies surrounding the latest title from Deep Silver, the update includes…

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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Reveals Terrifying New Trailer, “Artyom’s Nightmare” (VIDEO)

Visions are nothing new to the Metro franchise, with Artyom seeing plenty of them within Metro Last Light. It seems that these visions have appeared once more as a somber…

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Metro 2033

Metro 2033 Movie Cancelled Due To Americanized Script Issues

Back in 2012, MGM Studios acquired the rights to create a movie adaption of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s post-apocalyptic novel Metro 2033. Unfortunately, it seems that the movie has recently been cancelled thanks…

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Metro Exodus: Spartan Collector's Edition Revealed (VIDEO)

Metro Exodus: Spartan Collector’s Edition Revealed (VIDEO)

Earlier this year, game developer 4A Games revealed that Metro Exodus had been delayed until next year, citing their desire for the player base to “experience the most ambitious Metro…

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The Witcher Creator Is An "Ungrateful Schmuck," Says Metro 2033 Author

The Witcher Creator Is An “Ungrateful Schmuck,” Says Metro 2033 Author

Back in 1993, Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski created the fantasy series The Witcher, which would eventually go on to spawning multiple video games under the CD Projekt RED banner, as…

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