Kingdom Come Deliverance Total Conversion Mod Recreates Game Of Thrones

Kingdom Come Deliverance is set to release in a little over a week, and there are teams already developing mods for the game. One such team is in the works…

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Crytek Lawsuit

Crytek Lawsuit Levels Copyright Infringement Allegations At Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games is in the hot seat as a Crytek lawsuit surfaces over the company’s use of their Cryengine in the game Star Citizen. The Crytek lawsuit alleges that…

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After Four Years, Star Citizen Developers are Changing Engines Suddenly

In the wake of Cryteks decision to shut down five international studios in order to “reorganize around core technologies”, hearing any news may come with some reluctance. Star Citizen developers Cloud Imperium…

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Crytek Studio Locations

Five Crytek Studio Locations Are Being Shut Down

In the years that saw the previous generation of video game consoles transition into the current generation of consoles, we saw the collapse of many mid-level game studios and even…

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