Borderlands 3 Claptrap Steve Trailer

New Borderlands 3 Trailer Puts Claptrap And Steve In The Spotlight (VIDEO)

Borderlands 3 is a little over two months away, which means fans of the popular franchise are gearing up to take on a new adventure set in the universe created…

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There’s Now A Borderlands Vinyl Set Available To Buy, So Let That Inner Claptrap Fly

You know, it’s actually kind of funny. Today I was upstairs in my home listening to the Mass Effect trilogy soundtrack on vinyl to help keep me motivated, and I…

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Borderlands Talking Claptrap Talking Car Charger Now Available, For Those ‘Not-Dead’ Vault Hunters

Everybody’s favourite mistake from the iconic Borderlands series, Claptrap, is back and smaller than ever! Why charge your phone with a boring old car charger when instead you can have…

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Borderlands 2 Figures

Check Out These Awesome Borderlands 2 Figures From McFarlane Toys (GALLERY)

Listen up, Vault Hunters – there is glorious loot to be had. After exploring the vast landscapes that Pandora has to offer, what could be better than bringing a bit…

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