Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Rumored For Next-Gen Consoles

Battlefield: Bad Company 3 Rumored For Next-Gen Consoles

A follow-up to one of the more popular entries of the Battlefield series Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has been the subject of rumors for quite a while now, with speculation…

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Battlefield 2018

Battlefield 2018 Reveal Happening This Month, Easter Egg Suggests (VIDEO)

With information beginning to leak out of the development process, fans can’t help but be excited by the upcoming Battlefield 2018 title. Unfortunately, EA and DICE have remained rather silent…

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Bad Company 3

Bad Company 3 Will Be This Year’s Battlefield Title, According To New Rumor

Many gamers have been wondering what this year’s entry into the Battlefield franchise is going to be, but EA DICE has been rather quiet about the topic. This, of course,…

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Bad Company

WATCH: New Report Could See The Return Of Bad Company With The Next Battlefield Game

Battlefield has always ridden on the more serious side of the military shooter. Sure players can do some pretty crazy things such as rocket jump a tank mid air to…

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