ARK Developer Jeremy Stieglitz Talks Virtual Reality with Xbox Project Scorpio

In June 2013, Microsoft released a video announcing Project Scorpio and all the promises that will be coming with the next best thing in console gaming. ‘No compromises’ was the…

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Studio Wildcard Press Release for Steam Awards Backfire, ARK Update to Include Sheep Regardless

Last week, Steam began hosting The Steam Awards with 12 different categories, each with five finalists to choose from. Categories that included The ‘Best Use of a Farm Animal’ Award…

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Ark Park

ARK Park – Walk With Dinos In Upcoming VR Experience! (VIDEO)

Welcome to Jurassic Park! Alright that’s probably copyright infringement, so we can’t actually say that, but this is definitely the closest we’ll ever get to experiencing such an awe-inspiring theme…

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Ark: Survival Evolved PS4

Ark: Survival Evolved PS4 Version Releases on Dec. 6th

It has been well over a year since the Steam Early Access release of Ark: Survival Evolved and nearly a year since Xbox One players first started playing the game…

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Ark Goes Full On Futuristic With Tek

Every time I get bored with Ark: Survival Evolved, they do something to pull me back in. First it was the Primitive Plus update that added building on boats, fishing,…

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Ark Brings New Bag of Goodies with Halloween Update (VIDEO)

Today the game Ark: Survival Evolved is getting a new Halloween update for the second year in a row. Ark is an open world action-adventure survival game for PC and Xbox…

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