Sony Patents AI Tool Designed To Help Stuck Players

With all manner of challenging puzzles and difficult bosses in games these days, it can be frustrating for players who just can’t seem to overcome the obstacles in front of…

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Valve Introduces Experimental “Steam Labs” Project

Valve is diving into the world of machine learning and interactive features for their world-renown online video game retailer. Announcing Steam Labs, the company is actively developing several experimental projects…

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State of Mind Release Window

State Of Mind Release Window Revealed With New Trailer (VIDEO)

Many gamers have been anticipating any sort of information regarding Daedalic Entertainment’s upcoming science fiction adventure, but not much has been revealed. That is, of course, until now. A new…

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Far Cry 5 Patch

New Far Cry 5 Patch Brings Improvement To Co-Op, AI, & Other General Fixes

Players have been enjoying Ubisoft’s latest release in the Far Cry franchise for over a week now, and the team behind the game is already finding ways to bring improvements…

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Researchers at DeepMind Using New Tools to Expand AI Technology in StarCraft II

The collection of engineers and scientists at DeepMind have pushed artificial intelligence research over the edge of expectation. As a matter of fact, they have created programs that train their…

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Meet Albert – The Self-Learning AI Chatbot That Can Be Found In Minecraft (VIDEO)

There’s no denying the popularity of the creative blocks game known as Minecraft. With the ability to create entire universes, it has become a staple across all platforms despite its…

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‘Nightmare Machine’ AI Knows Your Fears – Takes Your Innocent Photos and Twists Them, Try it Out!

A new artificial intelligence is transforming  normal images disturbing. The “Nightmare Machine” algorithm seems appropriately named. Researchers in the U.S. and Australia have created a new algorithm that turns everyday images into…

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With Blizzards Help, Google’s DeepMind Will Learn to Pwn You

If there is anything that might be the real life equivalent to Skynet, it is Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence machine. DeepMind has a close relationship to games, having learned how to…

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