Splatoon 2 Getting Dragon Ball Z ‘s Spirit Bomb In Forthcoming Update

Splatoon 2 has been the reigning king of multiplayer shooters on Nintendo Switch for good reason. The game is designed to make deft use of the hardware, in addition to the huge amount of content and support the team at Nintendo has thrown behind it. The game may have just gotten a big rework to Splatfests, a bunch of new weapons, and balance adjustments in the past couple weeks, but it doesn’t look like developers intends on slowing down anytime soon.

Some major news got announced two days ago via the Nintendo VS’ Twitter account that indicated a new Special Weapon would be coming to the game soon. It’s called the “Booyah Bomb,” and it is sure to rouse some excitement among Dragon Ball Z fans.

Pretty awesome right? For those who don’t play Splatoon the “Booyah” is a taunt for your character so much like the civilians giving power to Goku to charge his Spirit Bomb, you’ll have to share your energy with the character trying to launch the Booyah Bomb as well.

Not only will giving your energy to your Team’s Goku help down some other players, but you’ll also experience an increase in your special as well. So you might be so inclined to get that special weapon soon as well!  This is one of the more unique weapons being added to the game and it’s awesome to see Nintendo embrace a little bit of fandom from other franchises into a whacky property like this octopod party.

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