Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Release Date Announced (VIDEO)

In 2015, Double Damage Games released the original title that science-fiction fans of combat simulation and trading love. It’s been four long years since then, but the studio finally has a release date since the reveal of the “sort of prequel” last year. Shredding through the galaxy this August, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is set to arrive for all major gaming platforms. In true Rebel Galaxy fashion, the team have a hilarious announcement trailer to share the exciting news:

Sandar D’Truz makes a special announcement for those tuning in for breaking news! The set the stage for the original game, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a “space combat adventure game with explosion and spaceships.” It features open-world and a story campaign. Players will wander the big empty as Juno Markev, who’s on the hunt to take down a killer.

Last Chance on the Final Frontier

Juno Markev was an outlaw and smuggler who went straight and settled down, until her husband was murdered on what should have been a simple shipping run. She’s on the trail of the guy that did it.

Things don’t go as planned, After an encounter in a shady watering hole goes bad, her ship is destroyed. She finds herself in debt to an old friend and casino owner who gives her a rustbucket and some words of advice.

Kickass Combat

Some people are preoccupied with realism. We are preoccupied with explosions. Pulling hard turns and raking the hull of your target with 45mm lead while fire billows from their engine housing.

Dragging a cluster of magna-mines into an imposing pirate cruiser. Seeing the glass crack on your windscreen as a minitorp detonates just off your port side. Flaming and sparking debris tumbling into the black. That’s our thing.

Strap In, Tune Up

Slap down the credits for a ship that suits you best. Upgrade your scrappy junker to agile interceptors, big capacity long-haulers, or high-performance military-grade fighters. All have custom cockpits and loadout options.

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Rebel Galaxy Outlaw arrives August 13th on PC (via Epic Games Store), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch.

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