Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Wind Bastion Update Brings New Playlist Changes and More

We’ve been learning a lot about Operation Wind Bastion over the last several weeks and now Rainbow Six Siege players can finally play it for themselves!  The latest season goes live on December 4th for all platforms at 9 AM ET and brings with it a ton of new content, but also a few nerfs.

Though Ubisoft revealed the intense back story of the two new operators earlier this month, there’s so much more to enjoy than new characters. “Welcome to Kaid’s Fortress,” reads the latest Ubisoft blog entry. “This large daytime map features a mudbrick kasbah and iconic architecture unique to the southern region of Morocco.”

Based on real and existing structures, the many exterior stairs provide unprecedented access to the roof and drop-down points via the towers. Housed within the fortified and bare walls of the Kasbah are two floors of living and training space, each with its distinct rooms and halls. The multiple stairs and a ladder allow for rotations between floors. “

But with the new experience arriving, some familiar faces still need to be tweaked. A little buffing and nerfing was in order, and below you can see exactly what’s different with the operators we all know and love:


  • Fixed – Users are experiencing a large amount of crashes on Xbox One & PS4 since Y3S3.
  • Fixed – Claymores can be picked up after detonating at the right moment.
  • Fixed – Reinforcing a hatch with a defuser planted on it will cause the defuser to fall.
  • Fixed – Russian rainbow ACOG sight (they stopped talking to Bandit).
  • Fixed – User teleports when placing a gadget after interacting with the hostage.
  • Fixed – If the player shoots the reinforced wall, the muzzle flash and the bullet trail will pass through.
  • Fixed – Melee attack animation is broken during replays.
  • Fixed – Players can exploit macros to increase their rate of fire on certain weapons.
  • Fixed – Electricity VFX can be seen through the floor.


  • Fixed – Prisma deployment issues can cause Alibi’s Prisma to get stuck in surfaces.
  • Fixed – Alibi’s hologram doesn’t detect enemies if they’re in Tachanka’s LMG turret.
  • Fixed – Attackers don’t receive damage when hitting an electrified surface with melee attacks.
  • Fixed – Some throwable gadgets can move through Electified Barbed Wire without receiving damage.
  • Fixed – Blitz shield disappears instantly after the shield is switched while in ADS.
  • Fixed – When Capitao’s Lethal Bolt is shot directly on a wall, the fire FX is not blocked and DMG is still dealt on the other side of the wall.
  • Fixed – Castle can melee kill an opponent through an Armored Panel that was deployed over barbed wire.
  • Fixed – Players aren’t awarded a score when destroying Castle’s Armor Panels with non-explosive methods.
  • Fixed – Clash loses partial functionality after pressing the primary gadget button during a guard break.
  • Fixed – If a player is hit by Doc’s stim pistol shot while under the effect of Echo’s sonic burst, the heal VFX will cut the sonic burst effect.
  • Fixed – Yokai’s Sonic Burst Distortion Effect causes the black background to appear on the side of the screen.
  • Fixed – Consecutively using sonic bursts on the same target with Yokai will not refresh the Deafen effect.
  • Fixed – Yokai’s Sonic burst effect animation is not present for Echo in third person.
  • Fixed – Frost Traps can be partially hidden by carpets on certain maps.
  • Fixed – Frost Welcome Mat’s cannot be deployed in a certain spots in 2F South Hallway of Coastline.
  • Fixed – Frost Welcome Mats are difficult to deploy in 2F rail platform area of Theme Park.
  • Fixed – Frost Welcome Mat clips with the rug from Coastline 2F Hallway if the rug is damaged.
  • Fixed – No sound when detonating Hibana’s X-Kairos charges.
  • Fixed – IQ’s RED Scanner moves too much when shooting her pistol (now less floppy).
  • Fixed – Electronics are sometimes not highlighted when on the edge of IQ’s detector.
  • Fixed – Unable to pick up Jäger’s ADS if deployed under a Control Terminal in 2F Control Room of Theme Park.
  • Fixed – Maestro’s Evil Eye cannot scan or ping through smoke grenades/Capitao’s Smoke Bolt.
  • Fixed – The Loadout description for the Alda 5.56 has not been updated to reflect the weapon’s patch changes (now updated).
  • Fixed – Maverick is able to break the frames on windows with his gadget, leaving the glass floating in the air.
  • Fixed – When placing a Candela on a barricade, Ying’s hand is visible from the other side, revealing her position.
  • Fixed – Holding Ying’s Candela gadget applies the blue filter on all the headgears that have the same glass material.


  • Fixed – Players can vault into red toolboxes on any map.
  • Fixed – Players lose operator functionality when trying to descend a ladder when another operator is nearby.
  • Fixed – Users can peek inside EXT Sewer by of Bank.
  • Fixed – Cameras and C4 can be thrown through the ceiling of 1F Archives on Bank.
  • Fixed – Players can hide under a desk in 1F Tellers’ Office and make it difficult to hit them with bullets.
  • Fixed – Operator can get stuck between the printer and the table at 2FOffice on Border.
  • Fixed – Player can vault inside ceiling of EXT pedestrian customs on Border.
  • Fixed – Defender can hide bulletproof cameras inside the walls on Border.
  • Fixed – Attacker can hide in trees next to 2F office balcony on Chalet.
  • Fixed – Defenders can vault to the roof outside on Clubhouse.
  • Fixed – The vault prompt to the stage lose functionality after reinforcing the wall between 1F Stage and 1F Stock Room of ClubHouse.
  • Fixed – Operators with shields clip through the handrails of ClubHouse.
  • Fixed – Ying’s Candela and Fuze’s cluster charge don’t penetrate the entire floor at 2F Theater room on Coastline, causing the charges to detonate inside the floor.
  • Fixed – The door barricade at EXT Front Door breaks certain vault angle between the stone pillars at EXT Front Alley on Consulate.
  • Fixed – Rubberbanding effects after vaulting over yellow steps in Consulate Garage.
  • Fixed – Attacker can hide a drone inside the walls of 1F visa office on Consulate.
  • Fixed – Drone clips through the wall on Consulate, allowing Drone to see inside.
  • Fixed – Textures between reinforceable and indestructible walls in Hereford Base allow bullets to pass through.
  • Fixed – Defenders are able to vault on the window frame of Kafe 2F Fireplace Hall.
  • Fixed – Valkyrie can place a cam on the ceiling of 1F Bakery on Kafe.
  • Fixed – Occasionally operators will remain stuck between two metal barrels at Oregon EXT Junkyard.
  • Fixed – Drones run into invisible collision under the bed in Oregon of 2F Dorm Main Hall.
  • Fixed – Defenders are unable to disable the defuser if it is planted next to the mattress in 2F Watch Tower in Oregon.
  • Fixed – Operators clip through the rail above the stairs on 2F Hallway on Skyscraper.
  • Fixed – Attackers can plant the defuser on top of an arcade machine at 1F drug lab on Themepark.
  • Fixed – player can destroy the ceiling under the indestructible floor at 1F dining room.
  • Fixed – User encounters an invisible collision at 3F Lounge in Yacht.


  • Fixed – In some cases, players will receive a “Game Full” error when matchmaking.
  • Fixed – Voice chat icon remains active after a team member stops speaking.
  • Fixed – User that Join-in-Progress in Casual cannot ID operators.
  • Fixed – Hovering over a gamemode after clicking the other one will lead the user to the wrong mode matchmaking.
  • Fixed – Players are sometimes able to reconnect to the Ranked match after receiving a teamkill penalty.
  • Fixed – The “Find Another Match” button flashes when players leave the match.
  • Fixed – [XB1] User is able to hear teammates in the game even if he is in a private Xbox Party Chat.
  • Fixed – The newest Cosmetic Bundles show up at the end of the Bundles list in shop (will now show up in descending order).
  • Fixed – Player profile stats and details are not updating properly.

There’s even more! You can learn more about what’s new with the latest update – included playlist changes – right here with the full patch notes. From new operators, to new hunting grounds, it’s a great reason to hop back into the game or to introduce someone new to it!

Thoughts on Operation Wind Bastion so far? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or hit us up over on Twitter @YouFedtheGamers to tell us what you think about the new season of Rainbow Six Siege.

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