Rage 2 Post-Launch Content Roadmap Revealed

Mere days before the launch of the wild and chaotic release of Rage 2, Bethesda reveals post-launch content to rev up the hype from fans. Those particularly fond of the mayhemic tomfoolery in Mad Max and Borderlands will love the familiar themes in Bethesda’s latest title. There are violent factions within the wasteland of Rage 2, a diverse selection of over-the-top weapons, gear, and vehicles all in first-person glory. In the rising aftermath of a steroid that obliterated eighty percent of the Earth’s population, the human race attempts to flourish once more, but it won’t be easy. Violence and anarchy rules the land.

Despite the wealth of gameplay that will be present as soon as the game launches, Bethesda has big plans once gamers experience it first-hand. Revealing the post-launch roadmap, the studio expects to release a constant flow of fresh content for players from the moment Rage 2 launches and well into Fall. Check it out below:

Here’s a breakdown of each month from the Rage 2 blog:


Starting the week of launch, we’ll be kicking off RAGE 2 community challenges. Complete these challenges together and everyone who takes part will be rewarded with free skins. Shatter the first community challenge and you’ll earn yourself the Vomit Comet Pistol skin. In order to receive your rewards for the community challenges, you’ll need to be online and signed in with your Bethesda.net account. New challenges will roll out every week in May and June, so keep an eye on the RAGE 2 Twitter account and the in-game Message of the Day to learn about the current challenge and prize.

In addition to the weekly community challenges, you’ll also get access to a brand new in-game event, “Bring the Ruckus,” featuring Ruckus the Crusher. Stay tuned to learn more.


The first big game update arrives just a month after launch, with fresh community challenges, new Cheats, and a couple of pretty major events, including one that introduces a pilotable Mech as a new vehicle type and one that adds a massive new enemy to the wild world of RAGE 2. All that for free.


July marks another big free update for the game, with another new vehicle type and enemy joining the game. We’ll continue dropping new community challenges, skins and Cheats for everyone to enjoy.


In addition to a mountain of new events and other goodies, August brings RAGE 2’s first major expansion: Rise of the Ghosts. The Rise of the Ghosts expansion will add a brand-new storyline and region to explore, as well as new weapons, abilities and vehicles. See what the Ghosts have been up to since you last saw them in the first RAGE in Rise of the Ghosts.

September – December

There’s plenty more coming to round out 2019, including the second major expansion coming in November. We’ll have more details soon, so keep an eye on Twitter for the latest info.

Are you impressed by the current outline of Rage 2’s content roadmap so far? It spans from the day it is released to Fall of this year. Looks like Bethesda has mighty plans in place to keep the game fresh! Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming and entertainment news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here are some of our latest:

Rage 2 launches May 14th on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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