Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Coming Soon to the US in DVD and Blu-Ray Release (VIDEO)

gundam wing

Anime fans everywhere are getting an unexpected and long awaited treat soon. Right Stuf Anime and Nozomi Entertainment announced recently that Mobile Suit Gundam Wing will finally be getting a Western release on DVD and Blu-Ray! While it’s not widely accepted that Gundam Wing is considered the best of the varying series, many anime fans still enjoy this particular offshoot of the Gundam story line that really brought the saga to popular attention in the States. So far, there isn’t a set release date for the DVD and Blu-Ray set, but we do know that fans can expect to get their hands on it sometime later this year.

For those who remember the 1995 series, the opening title sequence below will bring back fond memories. If you do find yourself taking a walk down nostalgia lane and want to ask any burning questions you might have, you can send in your questions through a survey to cast and creators. The Blu-Ray and DVD release will include interviews with those who created the series, and will answer any questions you submit in the survey, but the timeline to take part is short. Fans only have until March 16th to submit their inquiries, so head over to the survey here before it’s too late.

If you are an avid fan of anime, this is a great way to take a step back in time and relive a childhood long gone. Back in 2013, Japan got a DVD release of the old series, so it’s definitely high time for Western fans to get a chance to enjoy this show in HD. If you feel that the wait is too long or you just need to get your anime fix now, you can always check out Anime Strike, and stream your favorite shows whenever you want. At the very least, it’ll keep you entertained until we get a solid release date for Gundam Wing on disc. Make sure you check back with us frequently as we follow this story, and keep up to date on when to expect this collection to officially drop.

What do you think of the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam Wing release in the United States? Did you enjoy the show when it first released back in 1995?  Share your thoughts in the comments below or hop on over to our Don’t Feed The Gamers Disqus to join in on the conversation there! Also, don’t forget to follow our Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. As always … game on, friends!


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