The Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Collector’s Edition Statues are MARVELous

marvel vs capcom infinite collector's edition

There’s no better way to show one’s appreciation and love for a video game than purchasing a Collector’s Edition (CE). These usually include art, posters, music, and most importantly, figures and/or statues pertaining to the characters in the game. Capcom has released some incredibly detailed photos of what fans are getting in the Collector’s Edition of the forthcoming Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite.

The images come straight from Capcom’s blog and provide a closer look at the detail and craftsmanship of the included statues. The company thought that fans were missing out on the incredible detail that the announcement image left out. That’s right, there are more than one included in this epic package. Fans that purchase the CE of the fighting game will receive statues of Chun Li, Iron Man, Mega Man X, and Captain Marvel. Posed in their battle-ready stances, these collector’s items were carefully designed and created by the company TriForce, who are no strangers to creating incredible video game collector pieces.  Check out the Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Collector’s Edition gallery below:

As well as the four characters from the game, fans will also receive replicas of the Space, Mind, Reality, Power, Time, and Soul infinity Stones in a custom loot chest. The Infinity Stones were also created by the TriForce team. Collector’s Edition purchasers will also receive the Deluxe Edition of the game, which includes a character pass that will allow players to download extra characters as they are released. The Deluxe Edition will retail at $90, while the Collector’s Edition will go for $200. This seems like a reasonable price for four statues and six replicas. Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite releases on Sptember 19 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Which side will you choose?

What are your thoughts on the Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Collector’s Edition? What do you think of the statues? Have these closer looks convinced you to fork out the extra cabbage? Let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter to catch 24/7 coverage on the hottest gaming and entertainment news.

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